The seventh and eighth grade art experience is a culmination of all the experiences students have had through the previous grades. Students have been exposed to a series of lessons designed to increase their understanding of how meaning is conveyed through visual images and confidence in their ability to express their knowledge, feelings, and opinions. Through multiple art experiences students have gained competency with tools and materials and understand that artwork records history, documents the present, and expresses emotions and opinions. Students are encouraged to combine mark-making, images, words, and materials in meaningful ways.

In seventh and eighth grade, students understand that artwork can be powerful. These artists are investigating the processes and the materials to give form to their own voices. Art making is active and often intuitive, and includes reflection and discussion. Students that continue to be engaged in artistic experiences develop higher order thinking skills necessary for genuine understanding and authentic learning. These skills evolve through repeated opportunities for both meaningful production and patient discussion of the learning, the discovery, and the experience of creating as it happens. As students mature they develop a greater capacity to express clear imagery, a deeper appreciation of the unique and complex qualities of artistic forms, and a genuine understanding that a work of art can say many things at once. Artists create from personal identity and experiences, humor, passion, beliefs, and concerns.

As students are preparing for the high school experience, they are interested in knowing who they are, what they know, and what they can do. Using this awareness as a primary focus, the art curriculum engages seventh and eighth grade students in experiences that combine acquired craftsmanship, identified personal strengths and preferences, and the chance to create highly personal representations that give voice to these young artists.

-- excerpt from the Brookline Visual Arts Learning Expectations

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