Students in grades five and six understand the concept of differing points of view. They are able to reflect on their actions, thoughts, and feelings and compare the point of view of another with their own. They have feelings about their ideas and ideas about their feelings. Students are asked to use their increased command of the tools and materials and their developing understanding of the processes to make representations from memory or imagination that visually reinforce the viewers' position. Students are able to understand images or objects as metaphors for particular feelings and ideas. They can represent non-concrete ideas and feelings by the way they arrange objects in a painting or drawing.

Perspective and proportion are introduced. Students in grades five and six use these tools for creating convincing images. They are interested in capturing the details that are important to them and try to show how these details relate to the whole composition. Their ability to create space and depth to represent three dimensional objects in two dimensional works becomes a greater focus.

In grades five and six students easily find fault with their drawing skills. These artists are becoming more aware that their art works will elicit responses from others. Their desire to enhance the realistic quality of their drawings needs to be supported with new understanding of the qualities of space and depth. Working with 3D materials such as clay or wire helps them gain a new understanding of space. This can help them gain the confidence necessary to translate new ideas about space into their two-dimensional work. Students are motivated to gain genuine understanding of the art processes and considerable command of the tools and materials as they seek to create representations that incorporate what they see, what they know, what they understand, and how they feel in a clear, powerful way.

-- excerpt from Brookline Visual Arts Learning Expectations

Past Assignments:

Papier Mache Chair:

Students in Ms. Preheim's class are working on designing a miniature chair for an important person. The chair will be built using oak tag and masking tape, and will eventually be covered with papier mache. This assignment is the first that these students will encounter that is structured like a middle school art project, meaning that the students need to meet specific requirements and complete a self-evaluation at the end.

Here is a link to the assignment sheet that was given to students:
5th chair.pdf

The students were asked to think of a person and to design a chair that reflects the interests and personality of the person. The design of the chair needs to be innovative and original, and it must balance on its own.

Some examples of interesting chairs the students looked at before sketching their own designs:


An example of an in-process armature
Another example of an in-process armature